What people are saying about Augustina


 "The guest lecturer Augustina that came into class last week was truly amazing and her speech was very inspiring to me. I really enjoyed listening to her speak as she was very empowering and I loved hearing how she has overcome mental illness. It was very eye opening and it provided me with further information about psychosis that I was not yet aware of. It gave me a new perspective about psychosis. I think that Augustina's story was very touching and it is something that I will remember for a long time. "



"Augustina's talked taught me a lot about healing and remission. My sister was recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, after having a manic episode, and she has been trying different drugs to stabilize her. She was under the notion that she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life, but after hearing Augustina's story it seems that may not be true. Counselling and CBT along with medication is a useful route but not every person needs both. Knowing that Augustina has been free from psychotic symptoms for so many years, and is not on medication, gives me hope for my sister. That she may never have to deal with mania again if she takes care of herself. This talk was very interesting and definitely gave me hope."